Targeted Compound Sets New Natural Products
BVT-L002  Mycotoxins TargoSetTM BVT-0473  Violacein
BVT-L001  Betulin Derivatives TargoSetTM    Antitumor, Antibacterial, antifungal and antiprotozoal agent.
Quorum sensing metabolite. Protective against UV-C irradiation.
Posseses immunomodulatory, analgesic and antipyretic activity.

Bioviotica Naturstoffe GmbH produces biological active Natural Products derived from bacteria and fungi which are delivered to
an international market. These Natural Products are useful tools for research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and academia, as well as for medicinal fundamental research.
Additional application for Natural Products could be found in molecular biology, biochemistry and crop sciences.
We also work on individual research assignments, like e.g. cultivation, isolation and structure elucidation of compounds from given sources.
We arrange Natural Products libraries in microgram scale out of our NP pool in compliance with your demands.
Furthermore we offer 300 substances in our library. These are available in direct sales of Bioviotica.